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Hi Little O and Pawrents! Today we received your anxiously awaited bundle package! LOVE LOVE LOVE your pink print! That is mine and Lara’s favorite color! We are very girly Little O! I will always treasure it! Your magnet is awesome! It’s in my fridge’s door. Love the stickers! And the calendar, OMG! All your pictures are the very best, it’s in my desk! I love you Little O, you are very special to me and will always be! We love you! Lilia and Lara Alexa♥️♥️♥️ I’m very proud of displaying the Little O bundle in my house! I truly love him, and I am grateful for your generosity to share him with us!

Lilia T Martinez
Puerto Rico

I have your calendar on my desk at work so everyone can see how handsome you are

Mary Manzer

I got mine and I LOVE it!!! A whole year of a gorgeous Oasis❣️❣️❣️

Lisa Ruby

These are super cute and high quality.

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Hi FURiends! Welcome to our online store! You asked for merch, so we are giving it to you! Fur those who may not know me yet; My name is Oasis, but my FURiends also call me ACE, or O. I am the sweetest little #BostonTerrier with #Heterochromia 🐾 helping people see the brighter side of life while sharing my daily life with the world. ✨✨✨ Please tag us in your posts: @oasistheboston #aceourlittleoasis

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